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Antique doors and windows conservation tips

2018-06-15 15:18:48 Dongyang Jiahua Wooden Arts Factory Read

Antique doors and windows are a kind of doors and windows that look better. These doors and windows are carved through the carving techniques of Dongyang woodcarving, so they are more beautiful than some of our common doors and windows, but there are few places where such products are used. Many of these products are used in the decoration of antique places. Since there are many places to use, do you know how to maintain antique doors and windows? Here we antique doors and windows manufacturers to come and tell you about the conservation of antique doors and windows Cheats it!

Antique doors and windows maintenance

   To reduce the movement of furniture, avoid collisions and damage. Because the mahogany furniture itself is very hard, and the wet or dry environment is easy to crack the red wood, therefore, the antique doors and windows should be placed in a dry and wet equilibrium. Therefore, antique door and window manufacturers pay special attention to the environment in which furniture is placed when the mahogany furniture is preserved.

   Dust removal and anti-smashing are the key points in the maintenance of antique doors and windows. The dust on the furniture surface can be removed with a soft-bristled brush or a foxtail, and then slowly wiped with a soft fabric such as cotton and silk. Never use a feather duster to clean the classical furniture. This will scratch it. Furniture. Remind everyone to check regularly, if you find bugs, you should immediately kill them with drugs.

The maintenance of antique doors and windows was introduced to everyone here. We all like to know about it. This is very effective for us! If you have antique doors and windows in your home, you can use this method for conservation! Our antique door and window manufacturers are professionally producing antique doors and windows carved out of Dongyang woodcarving. If you have such a product you need, you can contact us directly. If you want to know anything, you can contact us directly by telephone.