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Dongyang wood carving craftsmanship

2018-06-15 15:13:55 Dongyang Jiahua Wooden Arts Factory Read

Dongyang wood carving is a kind of carpentry carving craftsmanship. It carries out meticulous carvings on the surface of wooden furniture. The carving craftsmanship became popular in Dongyang, a small city, and became the earliest origin of carpentry carvings. Wood carving craftsmen Using a slicing knife on a flat wooden surface, through deep and shallow carvings, the depth of the sculpture is carved out, so that the whole life becomes vivid. Nowadays, the craftsmanship of Dongyang woodcarving is described.

    One of the characteristics of Dongyang woodcarving is that it is full of composition, rich in content, well-defined and well-defined. It has an artistic effect of being small and large, and is particularly suitable for the content with strong stories. In other words, in a certain plane and space, the content it displays can be richer than western reliefs. This is the strength that tradition has given me. Dongyang wood carving can be a good point in the art of plane relief techniques summarized as a perspective perspective composition method, line surface combination of modeling skills, appropriate to retain the plane, small plots of land and high-level superposition of several layers of processing methods and other aspects.

    Skills determine the style, which is different from the carving of different wood carving master works, the level of rich and delicate, but also for wood carving works and wood carving furniture more points, in the practical also have the ability to appreciate art, this art style The unique plane relief carving art of Dongyang wood carving is a precondition. There is a need for Dongyang woodcarving, antique doors and windows are welcome to inquire.